Justin Tebedo

Justin Tebedo

Head Coach / Owner

2021 State Champion 89kg

120 Snatch

140 Clean and Jerk

195 Back Squat

205 Deadlift





Underground Strength Coach

11+ Years Coaching Experience

About Coach

Growing up in a small farm town as a youth athlete, I was exposed to all sports and their demands and quickly learned the importance of hard work. It wasn't till 7th grade, when I started playing organized youth football and began strength training for sports performance, that I noticed the importance of being physically ready. That mentality didn't stop there as I entered our high school strength and conditioning program and fell in love with the iron paradise learning to master the basics of squat, bench, deadlift, and Olympic lifting variations from our head coach. With his close instruction, passion for exercise, and leading by example, I knew I would want to continue pursuing the strength game as I got older.

Turning Point

Immediately following high school, I was off to boot camp in sunny San Diego. I earned the title of United States Marine and, eventually, my aircrew wings beginning my worldwide tour in a cargo plane as an essential crew member. Being constantly away from home, in and out of hotels, made exercise routines hard to manage. During this time, I learned that if something is important to you, you ultimately have to make it happen. I started carrying my training gear, including resistance bands, and utilizing whatever I could from the aircraft, such as large chains, as training implements. The moral of the story is that it doesn't have to be perfect - you have to show up consistently daily for yourself to obtain your desired results. If it weren't for the passion of my high school coach, childhood and military mentors, and my aspirations - I wouldn't be where I am today, and I only want to be able to pay that forward through strength and fitness.

Motivation & Passion

Coaching is more than sets and reps to me. Yes, the work has to be there, but the coach and athlete relationship is most important. I aim to instill trust in the process through communication and support. Our members understand that starting a strength training program takes self-motivation, especially for sports performance such as Olympic weight lifting. As their coach and the owner of the club, it is a pleasure to be a small part of their journey and to pass along the passion instilled in me as a young athlete to our members of all ages and experiences.

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