It is the dead of the winter and everybody is cramming into their local gyms. The girls are working on their beach body for their winter vacations and guys are working for their six pack and boulder rock shoulders. Don't get caught up training in reverse - kick your muscles into overdrive with these 5 steps to optimize your workouts for LEAN MUSCLE and STRENGTH.

1. Ditch the junk food.

Guys. Food is fuel - stop eating like your mom went grocery shopping when you were 10 years old. Ditch the hot pockets and start fueling your body right. 

Stick to FRESH meat, fish, veggies, some fruits, limited grains and stay the hell away from refined sugar. 

Oh yea... EAT MORE - one of the biggest mistakes guys make is that they are not eating enough to build muscle and end up maintaining current weight without the gains. 

Find a nutrition coach, get on a plan, and stick to it!

2. stop training single muscle groups one day a week.

Training 1 muscle group a day is huge mistake when training for lean muscle and strength. You need to hit your large muscles at least 2-3 times a week to gain strength and lean muscle. You DOT NOT NEED A WEEK to recover to work chest again. Muscle adaptations occur 24-48 hours after a workout. 

Reach out to a professional and get the program for your goals!

3. Lift heavy, lift MORE often.

Ditch the circuits and high knees. If you want chiseled abs and broad shoulders - you need to LIFT HEAVY and LIFT MORE OFTEN.

First step is becoming friends with the barbell. Heavy barbell movements recruit large amounts of muscle fibers, ignite your metabolism, and increase your strength dramatically. 

Never go more than 3 days without touching a barbell or weights.

4. Join a community of like minded individuals.

No gold medalist or olympic champion team won all by their self. They had a TEAM of coaches, support staff, friends and family in their corner. 

Having a gym buddy, coach, or a class is a great support system - miss a workout - you are damn sure one of them will be on you for it! Train together, become stronger, leaner, healthier together.

5. Be consistent.


Being CONSISTENT is key. Sticking to short term and long term goals will take you above and beyond and propel you towards those long term goals.

Consistency with exercise, nutrition, and recovery will recharge your body and keep you motivated and on the right track to your six pack! If you fall off the wagon - get your ass up, dust yourself off, and get back on. No excuses.


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