It's the heart of the winter - 3rd week of January - you are dreaming of it, I am dreaming of it. The TROPICAL ISLAND GETAWAY. You make your way to Trip Advisor and put in your destination and hit go! Next item to address is every ladies 2 favorite vacation items - the Dress and Bikini! The time to work on that vacation body is now and we are going to carry that body over to the summer as well, this is how we are going to optimize your workouts for your winter getaway!

1. Don't buy into fad diets.

NEWS FLASH! Anything that promises a quick "fix" is definitely a hoax. It takes hard work in and out of the kitchen to get your dream body. Detoxes, Master Cleanse Lemon Diet, Liquid diets, etc. 

The best way to obtain results through diet and exercise is to be REALISTIC. Real food, real work, real results. 

Sticking to nutritious Meats, Fish, veggies, healthy fats (avocados, olive oils, nuts), limited grains and staying away from refined sugars (white breads, cookies, etc) will allow you to trim down and show off those curves you have been working on so hard to mold!

2. find a workout program and stick to it.

There is no secret regime to exercise - if you are jumping from workout program to workout program, 21 day challenge to the next 4 week transformation - you will not be giving your body a chance to recover, adapt, and show results!

Sticking to a single program established by a reputable coach for your big day is the best option for you. Nothing worth it was ever easy to obtain and working with a coach for a long distance goal is definitely worth it. You will have pride in knowing that you stuck to one program to obtain your beach bod!

3. Be comfortable where you are now to become who you want to be.

"Rome was not built in a day."

We have all heard that saying once or 500 times in our lives. Learning to become comfortable with who you are now will allow you to achieve more in the future.

Changing your mindset to understand that "I am here, I am present, I want to be there, THIS IS HOW I WILL GET THERE," allows for growth both physically and mentally. Fostering these feelings will allow you to shape your mindset and body into the strongest, sexiest, and most confident version of yourself!

4. Join a community of like minded individuals.

No gold medalist or olympic champion team won all by their self. They had a TEAM of coaches, support staff, friends and family in their corner. 

This TEAM of LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS working towards a common goal built each other up to create confidence in their performance and were there when times were rough.

Together small communities of like minded individuals can move mountains!

5. Be consistent.


Being CONSISTENT is key. Sticking to short term and long term goals will take you above and beyond and propel you towards those long term goals.

Consistency with exercise, nutrition, and recovery will recharge your body and keep you motivated and excited for the beach body coming in the future months! Don't let a hiccup or slip-up derail your progress, get back up and dust yourself off. There is no quitting! 


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